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As a partner of Google, proficient in search engine marketing, we make use of our valuable experience in global case studies in Google AdWords, Yandex, Yahoo and Bing Advertising to drive traffic and maximize ROI.

We set-up PPC Advertising campaigns, set bids, track results and optimize, guaranteeing amazing performance.

Get the most out PPC Advertising, increasing exposure to the target audience and promoting your Brand!

Analyze, Optimize, Maximize. Turn to BREEND.


Create a wide range of Search Campaigns: our team builds strategies, according to specific KPIs.

We make use of cutting edge technology, so as to optimize our campaigns and achieve performance.


Use Display Remarketing Campaigns, in order to target users who have visited pages on your website, and bring them back to convert.

Get a combination of Display Campaigns to raise awareness.


We are the top in a variety of dedicated services, such as keyword bidding & optimization, search queries reports (sqr), ad texts optimization, as well as competitors and overall market research.


We are certified by Google and Bing in both Search & Display Advertising.

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