14 Aug

Create Your Unique Digital Footprint

Your solid digital profile and online reputation is what makes your Brand stand out among your business competitors. Do not fret about it; Breend communication experts are here to make it happen!
Now, let’s begin with the basics: You are probably well aware of corporate identity, this out-fashioned concept that was associated with logos and visual design. You may also know that the notion was eventually succeeded by that of corporate image, a more elaborate term, which includes extra communication elements.
More specifically, corporate image encompasses features of symbolism (such as logos and style), communication (i.e. corporate advertising, events, promotions and publicity) and, what is more, of behavior (such as the effect of staff and leadership actions on stakeholders). It is also quite important that corporate image takes under consideration the stakeholders’ perceptions of the particular Brand.
And here comes digital communication, to take things to the next level. Just forget about outdated marketing schemes, addressing the mass public, and start thinking about developing and implementing strategies to target large, undeserved audiences online.
In Breend, where the latest communication formula is obliged to incorporate a marketing approach to public relations, we savor the following principles:
• Digital Marketing is more than plain and simple Advertising
Make that your Brand is available in multiple forms every time a potential customer searches for your product category. It is not only your website, but also your Facebook page, a press release, a blog updated and a news article, which may be the starting point of a fruitful business collaboration.
• Content is King
What is going to give buyers proof that your Brand is ahead of the game overcoming all competition? An inspiring blog post, a viral video, e-brochures… you name it! Deliver any type of amazing online content on good timing and you can get a devoted audience, open to a purchase order of your choice.
• Let’s Get Social!
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or any other social media platform you can think of, will help you share and connect with your customers, at an international level. Choose the one most appropriate for your Brand and boost your sales now.
Can’t wait for an original digital footprint of your Brand? Contact us and find out more!

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