10 Sep

Social Media; Target your perfect audience

Social media marketing is getting more and more complex, as there is a great variety of platforms to choose from, numerous related principles and large and undeserved audiences to connect with. Thus, there is a great challenge for small and/ or newly established businesses when entering the social media sphere, regarding finding and attracting the most suitable audience.
In order to better determine and engage with your target market, do keep in mind the following tips:
#1. Define Your Target Audience
You need to know the exact specifics of your audience, so as to design a proper social media strategy. First things first: think about demographics: age, sex, marital status, education level, income, etc. As not all of these details are relevant to all types of businesses, you should focus on these demographics that are most applicable to your own business. Then, think about location. Do you think that your business campaign may be really useful just to consumers of a certain geographic area? Well, then your target audience is much more limited. Finally, concentrate on your target group’s special interests and beliefs, for their likes, dislikes and opinions are closely related to decision making.
#2. Analyze Attitudes and Desires
Your target audience should be your top priority; alongside their special interests, their pastimes and their preferred social media platforms; teenagers, usually hold Snapchat and Instagram accounts, while professionals mostly use LinkedIn accounts and stay-at-home mothers tend to prefer the Facebook groups chatting option. You should also define your target audiences likes or desires, focusing on their professional industry, reading preferences, personal aspirations etc. and find out how you may address their explicit needs.
#3: Monitor
Do pay attention to what your audience thinks about your brand. Are they aware of your online presence? What is the general sentiment? Are there more regular positive or negative opinions?
Our special tip: Check on other social media accounts within your particular industry; find out how your brand can fill the gaps and try to gradually stand out and outshine all competition.
#4: Create amazing content
When you realize what kind of content appeals to your target audience, it’s time to get started with your strategy. Try to adopt a fresh perspective, i.e. user-generated content, key – influencers approach, opinion leaders’ recruitment, innovative contests, mobile apps etc. Need some advice? Contact our experts in Breend, so as to select the most suitable content strategy for your brand.
#5. Spot on, Targeted Advertising
Take all the above under proper consideration and target advertising to your audience, as per each media channel. Remember that it is your content that will help you engage with your audience once you attract them to your page, blog, YouTube channel etc. While there are various different Social Media advertising opportunities, it is quite difficult to find out the most effective ones and further optimize your strategy. An online travel agency, for example, that specializes in honeymoon vacation trips may choose Facebook, and use Custom Audience or Facebook page ads to advertise to females, “in a relationship”, age 21-35, living in Sofia and interested in travel.
At Breend, we are committed to growing your target audience, so make sure you contact us for any questions!

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